Over recent years, I have developed an interest in developing and driving new concepts to market which are related to distributed computing, social networks, data analytics and online environments which are hosted across dynamically changing heterogeneous resources. I am owner and administrator of the open source Assimilator project that is a platform for running distributed services in LANs and WANs. The intent of this project is to provide sophisticated distributed service capabilities in a platform available for free.  As web and application servers have become free, so should platforms and frameworks for running distributed services be free to use. The benefit to users and developers is the availability of the tools to build services and applications running on the platform across resources on the internet. The payoff is seeing exciting new applications, limited only by imagination, emerge with the use of new technologies with access to a greater number of resources on the internet.

Typically I am fully engaged in all aspects of developing and delivering successful software projects. Consistently and intimately involved with hands-on implementation, architecture, design while concurrently performing team guidance, mentoring, leadership and executive management. Using a combination of mature methods and innovative technologies and techniques, I help drive projects to completion on time and under budget, using a synergistic combination of industry knowledge and experience.

Specialties Include: Technical leadership in successful startups, integral system delivery in big corporate initiatives, quality custom development in fast paced, resource constrained customer consulting engagements. My technical background has focused on distributed service oriented architectures, big data mining, knowledge discovery from unstructured data, custom algorithm development, image recognition, recommendation engines, statistical learning and open source development.

My consulting activities include directing and constructing projects using new software technologies and methodologies to demonstrate the feasibility of new concepts in real business applications. I am Owner and Principal of Nebarti, LLC which is a software consulting and data analytics company. Always looking for new opportunities.


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