User Feedback in Design

The difference between an easy to use and useful application and one that you’re forced to struggle with, usually directly correlates with whether or not ┬áthe application was designed and built considering user input during the course of development. This applies both to user interface design and application functions. Original ideas come from project stakeholders and they drive the project. Users evaluate features and ease of use in the context of what they wish to accomplish. Their feedback drives the implementation. With as much as 75% of Facebook users unhappy with the changes introduced 21 Sept 2011, it’s safe to say that their user base did not have much input during the development of the latest release. Facebook now has an earful of feedback. Let this be a prominent example showing the importance of:

  • knowing who your users are,
  • knowing what your users wish to accomplish,
  • understanding what makes your users’ tasks simple and efficient to accomplish,
  • listening to your users for product success!