TED 2009 and Distributed Computing

The 2009 TED conference was this week. This is its 25th year although the first time I have heard of it thanks to Twitter mostly and those twittering the experience. I didn’t attend but monitored the activities and sessions some. It is a gathering and sharing of great minds, their visions, aspirations and creations in both science and art.  I hope to be able to attend in person at some point.

With all the talk and demos about technological advances and the need to capture, mine and process the vast amounts of electronic data produced, I’m surprised there was no mention of harnessing the compute power available in phones, desktops, clouds, supercomputers, and all devices everywhere. Also, how that might be done. Maybe I missed it (since I wasn’t there) or maybe it wasn’t the proper forum for that kind of discussion, but it seems to me that it was glaringly missing.

If anyone knows about such discussions taking place at the conference in sessions or even breakout groups, I am interested in finding out about them.