US Government Cites Cloud Computing as Part of Change

Typically ‘Change in Government’ is an oxymoron. It has been a mantra in the U.S. for past months. I’m all for changing things for the benefit of everyone. I’m positive about things becoming better in the next 4-8 years. I would like to be part of the positive changes. But claiming that Cloud Computing will be a positive change in how people work with the government is just plain marketing hype and jumping on the technology bandwagon.

This is just another example of a perceived (marketed) new technology that will solve our problems. Don’t hold your breath. Things don’t Change overnight. Cloud Computing is not a panacea for computing problems. It is an architecture perspective that can be leveraged for specific computing needs. There are a number of good application implementations using this architecture approach. However it’s not appropriate to force everything into this box.

In the case of the government and many corporations, existing applications can’t be easily ported over to Cloud Computing. Application software needs to be re-engineered or built from scratch to take best advantage of the cloud model.  There are small pockets of innovation in government and large industry. It’s typically sequestered off in a corner, has a hard time making headway and gets quickly surpassed by more agile small companies. This has been the scenario with most all new technologies and ideas.

Will the government’s use of Cloud Compuing introduce change? Hmm, maybe. Certainly not though if there is no substance behind the marketing hype.  And certainly not if they try implementing this from within the oragnization rather than using innovative startups. For anyone else considering Cloud Computing, make sure you understand what it is and why you want to use it. Then make sure you and others will benefit from your use of it. Otherwise your just spreading the hype and jumping on the bandwagon.

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