Assimilator 1.1 Release

I just released Assimilator 1.1 on Sourceforge. This release contains:

  • corrected script to properly accept parameter designating codebase location
  • JMX interface added to Monitor, Cybernode and Webster core services
  • drag and drop of oar files onto console service graph to deploy services added
  • corrected oar deployment code to handle operational strings with Include tags allowing deployment of dependent operational strings.
  • removed old viewer and opmon utility code, documentation and build file references.
  • changed helloworld example files and documentation to consistently use steps 1-6.
  • new webster using MINA 1.1.4 (JDK 5 version) and integrated it
  • moved jini ServiceStarter class to assimilator and modified it to add loggers from top level config file (we had a really hard time get jini loggers to turn on properly before and this should fix it), quite a bit or exception refactoring and other general refactoring
  • moved all the script and config files to use the new service starter and new webster.

The new distribution file can be downloaded here.

In the works is a network overlay for Assimilator so that distributed services can be managed over the internet.

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