NEPOMUK or Networked Environment for Personal Ontology-based Management of unified Knowledge is a project I ran across that appears to have similar goals as I have for building self organizing community of information from the perspective of the individual and their devices (or tools).  In particular it’s goals include:

  • supporting the knowledge life cycle, including articulation, organization, sharing and exchange of information;
  • the management of all relevant desired  information through linking, browsing and tagging;
  • knowledge communication across distribute social networked communities with capabilities for distributed search, storage and massive scaling.

It is an open source framework that can accommodate plug-in capabilities for contributions for those who wish to develop this kind of social networking capabilities. I have similar goals for Assimilator  which is a  platform for managing distributed services; services that can migrate, work in groups with dependencies and can be used to build knowledge management tools for social networks.

Achieving the goal of allowing individuals to manage their own information in their own context using their own personal tools will require a lightweight framework that accommodates and manages services or small components which collaborate in a dynamically changing environment  distributed across the internet. I believe NEPOMUK is on the right track. I hope I am as well.

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