Assimilator Introduction

Just a quick introduction to the Assimilator project that I have been working on. I will discuss it to some extent here as the project develops. Assimilator is and open source project hosted at SourceForge. It represents the next step in evolutionary development of distributed computing. It provides a platform for distributed application development which includes key capabilities required to execute distributed applications. Application development using this platform does not require development of handling the difficult aspects of distributed computing. The platform enables applications to be built as a collection of services that can be executed on a network where resources are available and may dynamically change. Service lookup and discovery, distributed events and transactions, service provisioning and deployment, and service management are all provided by the platform.

The open source environment allows free usage of the platform and encourages feedback from users on how to enhance features, extend capabilities and eradicate defects. Open source allows greater distribution of the platform hopefully leading to wider adoption of its use. Custom applications built with the platform will demonstrate platform capabilities and provide a means for individuals and organizations to generate revenue.

The primary goals of the project include:

  • Develop a distributed computing platform capable of dynamically managing and monitoring services in a network.
  • Develop the platform in and for the open source community to drive adoption of its use.
  • Develop the platform with the intent that it can be used for easy development of distributed applications.

Network includes running across the internet and on any device connected to it. The current version executes in WANs and work is underway to get it working across the internet. At which point it becomes feasible to start building social network applications and gaming environments that utilize available resources across peered devices.

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